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Selling yarn is Filander’s leading activity, a business that encompasses its creation form 1992 up to nowadays. In the beginnings, the range of yarn was limited to basic units of Polyester and Cotton-Polyester. Years passing by have allowed us to amplify the spectrum of products, which nowadays is still getting wider and revised in accordance with market necessities.


100% Cotton

  • Ring spun Carded yarns

  • Ring spun Combed yarns

  • Open End yarns

  • Slub yarn

  • Combed Gassed yarn

  • Organic yar


Polyester –  Cotton yarns (mainly in 50/50% and  65/35%)

  • Carded

  • Combed

Polyester- Vicose yarns (mainly in 50/50% and  65/35%)

  • Ring spun

Polyester spun

yarns 100%

  • Open End

  • Slub

  • Air Jet

  • Recycled

  • Black and melanges


100% Viscose  yarn

  • Ring spun

  • Slub

  • Vortex

100% Modal yarns

  • Ring spun

Modal – Cotton yarns

  • Ring spun

Lyocel/cotton yarns

  • Ring spun


* Our yarn range is both for knitting and weaving.

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